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$2 per poem CONCATAVERSEsubmitCONCATAVERSE $2 per poem

Press Release 15th Sept

$17.99 / £12.99

Human to Human is an anthology of poetry which seeks human connection, from the individual, delving into personal relationships - friends, family, love, community – to the global, the social issues of our day, the big questions, what could be termed the zeitgeist: how society creaks and cracks but ultimately survives.


A PRESS RELEASE "A new form of poetry for 2021"

Call for submissions 22nd November, 2021 to January 5th 2022

Why concataverse? 

By concatenating the words, the reader is drawn to concentrate on what is being said in a concise form which directs the mind.  This is done over three lines of at least three words, one of which will have more than a single beat.  Again, this is done to focus.  The maximum length of a line is limited to 33 characters, while concatenating the line encourages attention, the reader should still be able to absorb rhythm and meaning, so as the line is comfortable to read remains intact (not orphaned to next line or page). Finally, the reason all lines should be of different character length is that while the other rules on form encourage creativity, making each line of the same character length would be arbitrary. 


Three examples of concataverse







(c) Trevor Maynard 2021

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February 2020 

"Nature 20/20" 21 poets exploring environmental issues and mankind's affect on the planet.     "PRESS RELEASE 20 April 2020  

April 2020

"Poems from the Lockdown" - 115 poets from across the globe shared their experiences of a world locked down in 146 poems.   "PRESS RELEASE 20 April 2020

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August 2020

"Who Are We?" - ten short stories from ten international writers the theme of country, identity, and race. "PRESS RELEASE 22 August 2020 

November 2020 

"The Poetic Bond X" - 83 poems by 43 poets from 11 countries bring to a conclusion ten years of emergent verse.  "PRESS RELEASE 12 November 2020 

Poems from the Lockdown - Preface to 2021 edition, one year on

The first edition of this poetry anthology was published during the First Lockdown; we are now into the Third Lockdown, and the words and experiences related by the poets who have shared their work is as pertinent and important as ever.  We are one world - this is our world.

While the good news is that over 118 million people have recovered from Corona, and that vaccine rollouts are proceeding in every country, the unfortunate facts are that we have passed the milestone of 3 million deaths has been broken, with almost 600,000 in the USA, nearly 400,000 in Brazil, and approaching 250,000 in India. 

However, humanity is a resilient species, and can be a kind, altruistic, and caring one. Medical staff and key workers have been to the fore, and so has the vast majority of the world’s population, who have shown respect and love for their fellow man by social distancing and wearing masks, and by supporting social and scientific guidance.

That is not to say that there have not been mistakes, even incompetence, from governments, or to ignore the reckless, but significant minority, who either propagate misinformation, or genuinely believe unfounded conspiracies.   We are one world, and we are not perfect.

One day, the pandemic will abate, the new normal will become simply normal; life will not be as it was prior to 2020, however, we will have a more developed a sense global conscious, our capacity for kindness and caring will have increased, and our awareness and sharing of love, will continue to evolve to the universal.

Trevor Maynard, editor, April 28th 2021.

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2020 "Who are We?" 

Ten short stories from ten writers on the theme of country, identity and race. 

Winning entry Zamarad by Michael J Keeley   

2019 "Nine Frames"

Nine short stories of love and life.

Winning Entry The Race by Mike Friers 

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2018 "Our World, Your Place"

Eight short stories exploring new world anew. Winning entry Veiled by Rebecca Evans

2017 "Life Dances"

The inaugural competition, inspired by the life of Robert Hamilton Cunningham, the editor's grandfather.  RH travelled the world, was a ballroom dancer, and a raconteur.  

Winning entry No Going Back by Sandy Norris

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