Available from 11 November 2022 from Amazon channels and elsewhere

Special Edition

Poems from the Lockdown

a definitive international anthology of the poetry of covid pandemic 2020-2022

available only in Hardback, includes a new chapter, and now features 155 poems from 125 poets of 14 Countries

Two and a half years on from the publication of the first edition of Poems from the Lockdown in April 2020, this new edition, adds a new chapter, twelve poems selected from the 48 in the companion volume, Lockdown 2.022.  Maybe this serves as a kind of closure on a chapter of history - we are now post-pandemic.


However, it is only a kind of closure; we are a world of eight billion, trillions of viruses exist, many of which we cannot live without; and then there is Mankind itself, so technologically advanced it not only did NOT ban weapons of mass destruction after 1945; we chose to improve and proliferate them. The world is ever more dangerous.


Then again, if there is one thing the last two and a half years have shown, humanity's capacity for caring, kindness, for compassion and love, is undiminished, so it is with hope, and belief in beauty, art, and creativity, we present this Special Edition: 155 poems from 125 poets from 14 countries: unique, authentic, universal, poetic voices, which chronicle the human condition.


Finally, by producing this volume in hardback we have created a durable beautifully presented book, one to hold and cherish in this digital age.


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