Our World, Your Place

Publication Date

October 2nd, 2018


ISBN-13: 978-1727650686  ISBN-10: 1727650689


Our World, Your Place is an anthology of eight short stories featuring the winners of The Cunningham Short Story Competition, 2018, and edited by Trevor Maynard.  

Writers from around the world contributed their work, exploring the theme of The World from their own varied, and unique perspectives. 

The competition was won by Rebecca Evans with her story Veiled; and the seven runners-up are The Viet Kieu Casanova by Tuan Phan, Of Strange Lands and People by James Najarian, The Seal by Rebekah Dodson, The Bench by Rachel Quinnon, The World I Grew Up In by Lynne Zotalis, Sentenced To Life by Oscar Heitmart, and Slim by Tonya Walker

Our World

Your Place

Writers took on subjects such as; the universal and the feminine, changes to the planet as a whole; how personal worlds are formed or shattered; how nationality affects action; how the metropolitan is reflected in the parochial; growing up; growing old; and simply living one’s life. 

Trevor Maynard, on editing Our World, Your Place

My aim, in editing an anthology of work, is to create an ebb and flow of places, times, and imagery which capture the world creatively and emotionally, making for a holistic volume which I believe will entertain and inspire the reader.  With Worlds I have learnt about cultures outside my own, had my eyes opened to experience beyond the physical, been drawn into places which bring people together, and places which tear people apart. There is humour, there are tears, and there is life, and in the end, wherever we go, whoever we meet, it is our world, and we each have our place. 



Editors' Notes

1.  Press contact - Trevor Maynard at on 0 44 7966 079968 or by snail mail at Willowdown Books, 105 Crockford Park Road, Addlestone, Surrey, UK, KT15 2LP

2. Trevor Maynard set up The Cunningham Short Story Competition in 2017, in memory of his grandfather, RH Cunningham (1911-2006), who was a bit of a raconteur, and a decent ballroom dancer.  The brief for the competition was to create a short story on the theme of The World.

3. All eight stories selected for publication were put forward for first prize of $100. The winning entry was chosen by the editorial team of Willowdown Books, and the winner in 2018 was Rebecca Evans.  Short biographies of all the writers are below: further details

4. Veiled by Rebecca Evans: “Two women, centuries apart, dance a dance of the seven veils to save the world.”  Rebecca served eight years in the US Air Force, was a finalist for the Curt Johnson Prose Award, is currently pursuing an MFA.  She lives in Idaho, USA, with her three sons.

5. The World I Grew Up In by Lynne Zotalis: “The innocence of a ‘fifties childhood in Wisconsin does not mean there is not tragedy”.  Lynne is a freelance contributor to the Iowa Poetry Association and a member of the Peace and Social Justice Writers Group at the Loft Center, Minneapolis.

6. The Viet Kieu Casanova by Tuan Phan: “A Vietnamese-American returns ‘home’ as a certain kind of ‘tourist’.”   Tuan left Saigon for America in 1986 as part of the exodus of refugees known as The Boat People.  Now he is back in his birth country teaching English literature in high school.

7. The Seal by Rebekah Dodson: “People were unkind to the girl who grew up a seal, but one day her prince will come.”  Rebekah currently leavers in Oregon, a college professor by day, and by night, a prolific writer of women’s fiction, fantasy, and science fiction.

8. Of Strange Lands and People by James Najarian: “Brendan and Garo, an Armenian-American gay couple, search for Brendan’s birth father.”  James teaches 19th century British literature at Boston College and edits the journal Religion and the Arts.  His book of verse Goat Songs won the Vassar Miller Prize.

9.  Slim by Tonya Walker: “An imagined tale of a pregnant Slim Keith, second wife of film director, Howard Hawks.”  Tonya earned her MFA at Virginia Commonwealth University, is head of middle school at a private girls’ school, has a husband, two children, and a bad-tempered beagle.

10. The Bench by Karen Quinnon: “A mother of two, her younger party-girl sister, and a question she must ask” Born in Canada, Karen is of Malay, Irish and English heritage.  She now lives in London with her two cats.

11. Sentence to Life by Oscar Heitmart: “Future Earth: it is your right to die at thirty, break the law, and you will be sentenced to life.”  Oscar has just returned to Germany, the country he left when he was eight weeks old, for an extended stay.  This is first published short story, a reworking of the novel he has been trying to publish for thirty years.

12. Trevor Maynard, editor. Edited the 2017 Cunningham Short Story Competition Anthology Life Dances, for which he contributed the short story The Dance.  He is a UK based poet, writer and editor.  His latest poetry collection is GREY SUN, DARK MOON.   Trevor is the managing editor of The Poetic Bond, an annual poetry anthology publication, now in its eight year.  The Poetic Bond VIII will be published in November 2018. Further information at