The Poetic Bond X
A Must Read Collection
The Poetic Bond X may be the last in the anthology series, but it surely shines. These are beautifully crafted, thought provoking poems that you will want to read and reread again. Poems that make us reflect, cherish, and more with chapters such as Age, Lives, Love, etc. A few that relate to the Pandemic too. A must read!  (Teagirl, December 2020)
Poems from the Lockdown
Global poetic expression during a worldwide pandemic
I am truly pleased with this collection, not just because my work was included, but because of what Trevor was accomplishing with initiating this type of anthology during a global situation. It is a unique and specific to a once in a lifetime pandemic and includes poets worldwide and their experiences. Art like this will certainly be looked back on by future generations to gain a deeper understanding of the human condition during this crisis. (Cook123)
A Burst of Poetry for Unusual Times
This collection of these poems composed during the current lockdown unveils the sentiments and experiences of many of us who have never known a period like this. Each poet expresses uniquely, and universally, the impact the lockdown has had on people globally. A great read and a record of living through such an unexpected and unprecedented time, captured in words by talented poets. (May 2020, Neetu)
Amazing Collection
This is an exciting, amazing collection, and will serve as a timely monument to history. The hefty book is divided up in sections that thematically group the poems yet again under the huge umbrella of lock down. What is so notable is the quality of the poetry. Unflinching, brutal, quirky, compassionate. An attesting to the astute observations of talented poets in the unsettling age. (May 2020, Debbie Scott)
Excellent collection of people's experiential poetry
This was an excellent book about people's varied experience of lockdown. Sad stories and stories of Resilience in poetic form. (June 2020, Karen Harvey)
Personal results of Lockdown
I liked reading the different experiences and viewpoints of the poets on Lockdown. How it takes different aspects in our lives. (July 2020, Diane Burrow)
Life Dances
Trevor Maynard’s “The Dance” provides a fascinating, honest, and personal window into life during the war years and is equally matched by the short stories the competition set up around it inspired.  (October 2017, RM)  
Our World, Your Place
I was very pleased by the quality of this book. I particularly liked the way that the stories are from writers all over the world which helps to bring people together. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read short stories. (November 2018, Claire M)
Nine Frames

Every story is interesting, entertaining, and well-told. I will be buying more copies as Christmas presents for my family (November 2019, GG)

Romantic, magical, and authentic” (MD Ontario, Canada)


The writers here take the reader on a journey into identity, through a lens of cultural, social, and racial perspective, which, in this closeted 2020, has become ever more pertinent; just who are we?  (Colm Bank, October 2020)



Trevor Maynard has gathered fascinating poems under the themes nature, love, and myth; from award winning artists, writers, bloggers, a Jungian psychotherapist, a linguist, college professors, a spiritual minister, young and old; from USA, South America, to Europe and on to Asia. A book to carry with you for moments of meditative thought. Diane Jardel (Eire)




“A wonderful collection of poetry that is made extra special in the fact its

writers come from all over the world. Readers will feel joy, sorrow and

every emotion in between within each chapter.”  (January 2020, MB)


The Poetic Bond Series


"It has been a joy to read all of you wonderful poets and thanks, once

 again, to you Trevor, for creating this bond and for including me in it." Neetu Malik (PA, USA)


"I am forever grateful, Trevor, for your hard work. I know this project

makes much professional/love time out of your personal time. Thank

you!" Bonnie Roberts (AL, USA)


"I have been reading a lot of the work that has gone into the making of it

& am very impressed with much of the excellently crafted writing" Robin

Hislop (UK, artvilla.com)


"The poetry that fills this book is moving, deep and affirming ...

A beautiful publication that will rest on top of my favorite books of poetry.

Nicholas Chiarkas (WI, USA)


“NATURE 20/20”


“With 2020 being such an iconic date, and climate change increasing

 affecting our planet, a poetry anthology on the theme of Nature, and the

 future, is both relevant and necessary.”  (GK Grieve February 2020)




“Trevor Maynard combines complicated thematic material and unites fractured images with a sure hand" (The Stage)


“Poetry, both reveals and shares our humanity.”  (Trevor Maynard, editor The Poetic Bond Series)




An intimate study of the frailties of life, the human condition

 (Press 2015)