poetic form does not stand still


ISBN 9798429700410 – available on Amazon from 24 March 2022


a new poetry anthology, 66 poems from 24 poets

(Edited by Trevor Maynard)


concataverse™ is a poetry anthology like no other – it is a contract between writer and reader in which the very identity of the words must be mined, defined, and discovered.




The concatenation of each line encourages the reader to deconstruct and reconstruct, thereby creating fresh neural pathways in the brain – making the poetic experience, shared with the reader, one that is physically interactive.




The poet’s part in the process is to create the puzzles to unravel, but there is a responsibility too, if the poet is making the reader do the work (as it were), the unravelled poem must have meaning, intention, it has to capture thought, life, and ideas; to entertain, educate, and enhance life.




The poets of the concataverse™ are:   Mariangela Canzi, TP Cooper, Thomas Crofts, Gerald Dampier, Arnold Farr, Virginia Bach Folger, Frederick Garraty, Gabby Gilliam, Kiel M Gregory, GK Grieve, Rose Menyon Heflin, Scott Jessup, Noami Jones, James Ph. Kotsybar, Browning Mank, B McVie, Martha Nance, Gale Naylor, KP Perry, CC Pulliam, Vaughn V Smith , Olivia Stogner, and Laura Turnbull


The winning poem was “stuck” by Browning Mank.


Five poems are commended: “aplaceofpriviledge” by Gabby Gilliam, “surviving” by Arnold Farr, “both” by Virginia Bach Folger,

“escape” by Martha Nance, and “inscribed” by Rose Menyon Heflin.


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