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“Poetry, both reveals and shares our humanity”  (Trevor Maynard, editor The Poetic Bond Series)

HUMAN TO HUMAN - next anthology - release date Summer 2021

The Poetic Bond X

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The Poetic Bond

706 poems from 236 poets have been published in The Poetic Bond Series.  The Poets of The Poetic Bond come from all over the globe, from the US to Malaysia, the UK to the Lebanon, with ages ranging from 14 to 92, exploring themes of love, life, age, religion, politics, nature, the universe, using free verse,  blank verse, sonnets, haiku, sticking strictly to form, or riding wild on flowing streams of conscious. sometimes sparse, controlled, others taking language on a roller-coaster of metaphor and imagery.

Meet the Poets of The Poetic Bond X

Who Are We?

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WHO ARE WE? Ten short stories about country, identity, and race. Ten stories covering; binding girls feet, racism in high school, a woman in 13th Century Bagdad, three generations of prejudice, exiles from Ghana and Ireland, the Uyghur and Han Chinese, ancient and modern Egypt, myth and omen, anthropology, and love and food in Greece: ten stories revealing WHO WE ARE. 

"Poems from THE LOCKDOwn" 

An international poetry anthology of 146 poems by 115 poets

"Poetry is the very soul of humanity"

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Poets' Biographies - Lockdown 

PRESS RELEASE 20 April 2020

The key phrases of the now are “social distancing” and “self-isolating” but this does not have to mean “social disintegration” and “solitary confinement”. This now is a world of social media, of virtual interaction, of ideas shared through social and professional networking. We can be together, we are in this together, this is one world. There can be love not fear. 

Poems from The Lockdown

“This is an exciting, amazing collection, and will serve as a timely monument to history. The hefty book is divided up in sections that thematically group the poems yet again under the huge umbrella of lock down. What is so notable is the quality of the poetry. Unflinching, brutal, quirky, compassionate. An attesting to the astute observations of talented poets in the unsettling age.“ (Debbie Scott, USA)

“I am truly pleased with this collection, not just because my work was included, but because of what Trevor was accomplishing with initiating this type of anthology during a global situation. It is a unique and specific to a once in a lifetime pandemic and includes poets worldwide and their experiences. Art like this will certainly be looked back on by future generations to gain a deeper understanding of the human condition during this crisis.” (Cook123, USA)

"The collection of these poems composed during the current lockdown unveils the sentiments and experiences of many of us who have never known a period like this. Each poet expresses uniquely, and universally, the impact the lockdown has had on people globally. A great read and a record of living through such an unexpected and unprecedented time, captured in words by talented poets." (Neetu)

Nature 20/20

Nature 20/20 - Published 14th February, 2020 - Press Release       

In late 2019, Trevor Maynard, editor of  The Poetic BondTM series, teamed up with UK poet GK Grieve (who donated three prizes), to put together a poetry anthology focussing in on Nature and the Environment. 

"With 2020 being such an iconic date, and climate change increasing affecting our planet, a poetry anthology on the theme of Nature, and the future, is both relevant and necessary." (Foreword to Nature 20/20)

The result is a cutting edge, and biting commentary on the modern world and its relationship to Nature, with 24 poems from 21 poets.   The winning poets were Brian M Falconer, Konnie Risinger, and Mariangela Canzi.  

This anthology was published just as the world was waking up to a global pandemic, the result of which has been a tragic loss of life, a world sharing in the pain of grief, and a shutdown of industry and commerce.  The global effects are unprecedented.  However, with this disaster, comes a breathing space for the planet, pollution levels have massively dropped, and it is hoped the global effort to positively respond to Climate Change will now be kickstarted.   Stay safe, be well, love, light, and peace.  


The Poetic Bond IX Grey Sun Dark Moon The Poetic Bond VIII The Poetic Bond VII Life Dances The Poetic Bond VI Echoes in the Earth by Pushpita Awasthi, edited by Trevor Maynard Keep On Keepin' On
Call for Submissions Opens 15th December Closes 31st March
$15 for two poems $15 for two poems $15 for one short story
Human to Human Zeigeist: Five Issues of the Modern Age This Changing World submit


Friendship, Family, Society, Love, Passion, and Lust


The Pandemic, Black Lives Matter, Climate Change, Domestic Violence, Global Economy

Lyrical tales which take the reader on a journey to events and places which they may not be familiar with. (Max.3,000 words)


A global pandemic has swept the planet, killing hundreds of thousands, shutting down industry, and changing our world forever.  At the same time, the high-profile deaths of so many black people at police hands has been highlighted, racism has come back into focus, and the myth that the legacy of slavery has been dealt with, is once again, exposed. At the same time, Climate Change continues apace with the hottest ever temperatures recorded on the planet, rain forests decimated, and the largest ever ice shelves breaking apart; many species of animal and fauna are becoming endangered or extinct.

In February we published NATURE 20/20, 24 poems by 21 poets concerning the environment and the place of humanity on Earth.

In April, we published POEMS FROM THE LOCKDOWN; 146 poems from 115 poets, exploring their personal/political experiences of the global pandemic. 

In August, we published WHO ARE WE? 10 short stories from 10 writers on the theme of country, identity, and race.

In November 2020, we will publish the tenth in our series of international poetry anthologies – THE POETIC BOND X43 poets, drawn from new media, social and professional networking, capturing the contemporary zeitgeist; examining, exploring, and spreading messages of hope to our world. 

These are 189 Voices, from 17 countries, speaking of our times; exploring the human condition, and seeking to document 2020 to future generations.


Press Release The Poetic Bond VIII, 18 Nov 18

The winning stories in The Cunningham Short Story Competition, 2019, are

"Thumbs Up" by Teri Bran, "The Race" by Mike Friers, "Misanthropes" by Dean Gessie, "White Flags" by RD Girvan, "Starlight" by Piet Pedersson,

"Elan" by Kevin Michael Patrick, "Your Table is Ready" by Greg Voss, and "Serious as a Heart Attack" by Lynne Zotalis

These eight stories will be published along with "George" by Trevor Maynard will be released 10 September, 2019.

The title of the anthology is NINE FRAMES.

For further details click here

The Poetic Bond Poets' Choice Award, 2018

The winners of the Award this year are:

Betty Bleen "A Flower's Last Wish"

Victoria Anllo "Next To"

Stuart Forrest "Farmers Markets"

Marcia Weber "Trees in Winter, Siberia"

For further details click here

The Poetic Bond Poets' Choice Award

Every year, every poet published in the latest anthology is eligible to vote on the top three poems which most inspire and encourage them.  Those winning the award will receive not only the affirmation of their peers, but also $30 in cash!  Last year (as votes were tied) four poets were awarded prizes; Betty Bleen, Victoria Anllo, Stuart Forrest, and Marcia Weber.

The Poetic Bond VIII

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The Poetic Bond Poets' Choice Award Winners for 2017, were 

Betty Bleen "Dancing in the Moonlight"

Flavia Cosma "I Gathered It All",

Fiona Sullivan "Coming Home"

The Poetic Bond VII  17 NOV 17 Meet The Poets of The Poetic Bond VI

The Poetic Bond VI

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The Poetic Bond VII 25 OCT 17 Meet The Poets of The Poetic Bond VI

The Poetic Bond V

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Your Copyright is IMPORTANT

Copyright of individual poems published in The Poetic Bond always remains with the author.  Never give up your copyright! 

Copyright of The Poetic Bond Series, each anthology, and the website, remains with Trevor Maynard, the managing editor of The Poetic Bond, all rights reserved, in print and all other media © 2009 - 2018.

The Poetic Bond VII 21 SEPT 17 Meet The Poets of The Poetic Bond IV

The Poetic Bond IV

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The Poetic Bond Poets' Choice Award 31 MAR 17

Meet The Poets of The Poetic Bond III

The Poetic Bond III

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"It has been a joy to read all of you wonderful poets and thanks, once again, to you Trevor, for creating this bond and for including me in it." Neetu Malik (PA, USA)

"I am forever grateful, Trevor, for your hard work. I know this project takes much professional/love time out of your personal time. Thank you!" Bonnie Roberts (AL, USA)

"I have been reading a lot of the work that has gone into the making of it & am very impressed with much of the execellently crafted writing" Robin Hislop (UK, artvilla.com)

"The poetry that fills this book is moving, deep and affirming ... A beautiful publication that will rest on top of my favorite books of poetry.  Nicholas Chiarkas (WI, USA)

Life Dances

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The Poetic Bond VII 1 MAR 2017 Meet The Poets of The Poetic Bond II

The Poetic Bond II

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 LIFE DANCES Aug 2, 2017 Meet The Poets of The Poetic Bond 

The Poetic Bond

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Grey Sun, Dark Moon

A day's passing, echoing the movement of life through time, questioning; what unites us, in meaning, and experience, as our days pass, life ruthlessly ticking away; how does this modern existence relate to the natural world around us?

Grey Sun, Dark Moon

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Echoes in the Earth

Through the twin themes of Nature and Love, the poetry of Pushpita Awasthi often illuminates not only humanity as a whole, but also her own human relationship with the human world.  These element of being human are skilfully interwoven, creating a poetic expression that has depth, articulates understanding, and possesses empathy.

Echoes in the Earth

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The Poetic Bond V The Poetic Bond IV The Poetic Bond III

The Poetic Bond II

The Poetic Bond (First Volume)

Four Truths

The Watcher From The Beacon

The submission window for The Cunningham Short Story Competition opens January 1st, 2019.  Entry $25 / $100 first prize

The submission window for The Poetic Bond IX opens March 1st, 2019. Entry $15*/$25** / 4 Awards of $25  (*without readers' report, **includes readers' report)

00 Cigeng Zhang Christine Anderes Gilbert A. Franke G.K. Grieve
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